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At the moment…Creating compositions and arrangements for concerts and projects coming up 2015/16

New Direction Festival 28/3

Concert: New Direction Festival 2015,
Conducting Norrbotten Big Band.
Contemporary music for Jazzorchestra by Örjan Fahlström
28/3 Studio Acusticum, Piteå, Sweden

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Norrbotten Big Band, Örjan Fahlström at New Direction Festival 2015


Rehearsal and concerts ”Kenny Clarke/Francy Boland Celebration”

Rehearsal and Concerts: ”Kenny Clarke/Francy Boland Celebration” Conducting Bohuslän Big Band.

20/3 Hunnebostrand, Folkets hus
21/3 Kulturmejeriet, Lund
23/3 Göteborg, Jazzklubb Nefertiti
24/3 Halmstad, Festsalen

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Concert Emil, Pippi, Karlsson & Co

Emil, Pippi, Karlsson

Conducting Bohuslän Big Band.
Georg Riedel Sarah Riedel, Nils Landgren, Örjan Fahlström
8/3 Konzerthaus Dortmund,Germany

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Concert: Michel, Pippi Karlsson & Co
Conducting Bohuslän Big Band.
Bohuslän Big Band, Georg Riedel Sarah Riedel, Nils Landgren, Örjan Fahlström
5/7 Jazz Baltica, Timmendorfer Strand Niendorf, Ostsee, Germany

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Rehearsals and concerts ”My Swedish Heart”

Conducting Bohuslän Big Band with soloists: Nils Landgren and Ida Sand

27/2 Eskilstuna, Konserthallen Eskilstuna
28/2 Göteborg, Jazzklubb Nefertiti
29/2 Vara Konserthus
8/3 Konzerthaus, Dortmund, Germany

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New CD, Reflections, mixing work in progress


At the moment I´m mixing my new CD…REFLECTIONS

A concerto for piano and jazz orchestra. Composed by Örjan Fahlström 2010 on commission by Hr-bigband (Radio Big Band Frankfurt). Recorded 2012 by Norrbotten Big Band. Solo piano: Uri Caine. Conducted by: Örjan Fahlström



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